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There are many different items in the Smash universe, here are just a few that will appear in Brawl.

Crates And Barrels


Crates and barrels can be opened to reveal more items or thrown at enemies to cause a lot of damage. They take on different designs depending on what type of stage they're in. Barrels can be thrown aswell but will roll downhill which can be a great help in some situations. In Brawl, some crates have been upgraded with wheels so some may move like barrels now.



This item was one of the original items in the first of the Super Smash series, bumpers can be used to great advantages at times. They are thrown, and whoever touches it from then on gets bumped around like a pinball. Bumpers can now be attatched in mid air, this is great for keeping foes off the arena. Try and create new strategies with this useful item.



Pokeballs are small items containing Pokemon. To activate a pokeball, simply throw it and unleash the helpful little critter inside. Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes and all use different attacks. The problem with pokeballs is the fact that you'll never know what Pokemon will come out. You may get a really big Pokemon that will cause serious damage on the battlefield whereas you could get a completley useless one. It's all a game of luck.

Shooting Items


Shooting items range from rapid-fire guns like the super scope, to small flamethrowers like the fire flower. Players can now move and jump with items like these, while firing, therefore opening new strategies to them. There are new shooting items such as the cracker launcher which is a type of rocket launcher, but with fireworks instead.