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The Battlefield is where the most basic of battles take place. Not much can happen high up in the sky, although the arena does undergo some changes, for example the time of day changes as you battle longer. You can battle in the day, sunset and in the night.

Lylat Cruise


In this arena, you cruise on a ship from the Starfox series called the Pleiades. You warp from one place to the next, sometimes travelling through epic space battles, dogfights and asteroid belts. You even get the chance to exit space and enter a planet's atmosphere!

Bridge of Eldin


Those of you who have played The Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess, will find this particular spot very familiar. This arena is very flat and every so often, goblins may ride past on boars and throw bombs at the center of the bridge, blowing a huge hole in it. Don't worry though, as the bridge will be eventually warped back via a twilight portal!